Fall has arrived! 9-23-20

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Fall is Here


Birds have been coming in every day, it has been a busy two weeks since my last post. Young Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been busy feeding, investigating food sources, preening, chasing rivals and even getting in occasional catnaps (yes, eyes closed). We still have one or two adult males around. They will all be on their way soon enough to winter homes.


9-10-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird, preening9-10-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird, preening 9-12-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird9-12-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird

9-14-20 Downy Woodpecker and Ruby-throated Hummingbird9-14-20 Downy Woodpecker and Ruby-throated Hummingbird 9-14-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird pair9-14-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird pair 9-19-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird9-19-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird


9-10-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird, male9-10-20 Ruby-throated Hummingbird, male

Warblers have also been arriving for rest stops in our small oasis. It has been very dry so the water features continue to attract them. A female Canada Warbler enjoyed the 'bubble' and a Northern Waterthrush checked out the basin. 


9-13-20 Canada Warbler, female9-13-20 Canada Warbler, female 9-14-20 Northern Waterthrush9-14-20 Northern Waterthrush


Northern Parulas, a single Blackburnian Warbler and numerous American Redstarts have come down from the canopy. Two Magnolia Warblers approached the water together.


9-16-20 FOS Northern Parula9-16-20 FOS Northern Parula 9-21-20 FOS Blackburnian Warbler9-21-20 FOS Blackburnian Warbler 9-17-20 American Redstart9-17-20 American Redstart

9-14-20 Magnolia Warblers9-14-20 Magnolia Warblers


Days when several species get in together show us the variety of warblers we have in the visiting flock. Magnolia, Black-and-white, Black-throated Green and Chestnut-sided Warblers often travel together. 


9-14-20 Magnolia, Black-throated Green,  Chestnut-sided and Black-and-white Warblers9-14-20 Magnolia, Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided and Black-and-white Warblers


The Black-and-white left and a Tennessee Warbler came in the back door to join the other three. The lookout was the Black-throated Green.


9-14-20 Magnolia, Black-throated Green,  Chestnut-sided and FOS Tennessee Warblers9-14-20 Magnolia, Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided and FOS Tennessee Warblers


Last Friday, 9-18-20 was a lovely day and the Bay-breasted, Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided Warblers got cozy together. Safety in numbers helps to ensure their survival.


9-18-20 Bay-breasted, Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided Warblers9-18-20 Bay-breasted, Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided Warblers


Another way to help the birds is to provide plenty of cover for them. This Ovenbird, a warbler, is most often found walking along the ground as it forages. The Bay-breasted Warbler used the Elm (Ulmus americana) for perfect camouflage and the Magnolia Warbler dried off in the native Smooth Hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens).


9-16-20 FOS Ovenbird9-16-20 FOS Ovenbird 9-18-20 Bay-breasted Warbler in Elm9-18-20 Bay-breasted Warbler in Elm 9-19-20 Magnolia Warbler9-19-20 Magnolia Warbler


We've seen other migrants, too. A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher looked earnestly for insects and a Red-breasted Nuthatch finally appeared! I'd been hearing them several days in a row and this female stopped in at the bubbler. This is an irruptive species and we should see them through the winter.


9-16-20 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher9-16-20 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 9-17-20 Red-breasted Nuthatch, female9-17-20 Red-breasted Nuthatch, female


Philadelphia Vireos have been splash-bathing in the bubbler pond. And last but not least, a young Rose-breasted Grosbeak took a quick bath before returning to the canopy.


9-15-20 Philadelphia Vireo9-15-20 Philadelphia Vireo

9-18-20 Rose-breasted Grosbeak9-18-20 Rose-breasted Grosbeak


Photographing birds is one of the most challenging things I've ever done. Thank you for being patient! If you'd like to see the most recent images in addition to these, and there are about 170 more, begin here:


Images since 9-8-20





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