Into March 3-9-22

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Don't forget - Spring Forward Saturday! 


We've seen other signs of spring, despite the next batch of snow in the forecast.


3-1-22 Eastern Bluebird3-1-22 Eastern Bluebird 3-2-22 Eastern Bluebird female3-2-22 Eastern Bluebird female


Eastern Bluebirds are getting brighter, noisier and chasing each other about.


3-2-22 American Goldfinch in cover of white oak3-2-22 American Goldfinch in cover of white oak


American Goldfinches are turning more yellow. They often perch up in the oak leaves on breezy days, soaking up the sun.


2-28-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler2-28-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler

3-1-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler3-1-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler

3-6-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler3-6-22 Yellow-rumped Warbler


The Yellow-rumped Warbler was fly-catching the day it warmed up to 81 degrees! 

3-2-22 Rusty Blackbird3-2-22 Rusty Blackbird 3-2-22 Rusty Blackbirds3-2-22 Rusty Blackbirds


Rusty Blackbirds are coming in small flocks of a dozen or so at times.


3-4-22 Brown-headed Cowbird female3-4-22 Brown-headed Cowbird female 3-4-22 Brown-headed Cowbird female #23-4-22 Brown-headed Cowbird female #2


Two female Brown-headed Cowbirds came in a week after the males. 


3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe 3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe 3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe3-4-22 FOY #46 Eastern Phoebe


An Eastern Phoebe showed up about 10:00 am on 3-4-22 for #46 for the year. It was finding insects on its migratory stop here.


3-4-22 Dark-eyed Junco3-4-22 Dark-eyed Junco 3-4-22 Brown Creeper3-4-22 Brown Creeper


Dark-eyed Juncos and Brown Creepers will be around into April.


3-4-22 Red-breasted Nuthatch3-4-22 Red-breasted Nuthatch

3-5-22 Red-breasted Nuthatch pair3-5-22 Red-breasted Nuthatch pair


The lighter pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches are being seen every day, but I think the richer colored pair may have moved on with the strong southerly winds last week.


3-6-22 Song Sparrow3-6-22 Song Sparrow


The male Song Sparrow has been singing a bit west of us now, but one of the pair came in to bathe.


3-7-22 FOY #47 Eastern Towhee3-7-22 FOY #47 Eastern Towhee

For comparison, 10-26-12 Eastern TowheeFor comparison, 10-26-12 Eastern Towhee

Another new bird for the year, #47 popped out of the leaves on 3-7-22. The Eastern Towhee is not a bird I can count on seeing every year, and this was not a soul-satisfying view! The first photo is all I managed before it disappeared. The second photo was taken on 10-26-15 when I got a full view of a male.


This morning, I was filling feeders and heard the sweet trill of #48, a Pine Warbler up in the pond cypress. Perhaps it will show us how beautiful it is! In the meantime, watch for green peeking through the snow...I'll be watching for more birds as they move through our space.











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