February warmup

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Two warm days, soon winter weather returns.


Many say February is the dullest month of the year, but it is the month when we begin to see signs of spring. A new record high of 69 degrees was set on Sunday, 2-2-20. It reached 70.7 degrees here. And, in case you hadn't heard, Sunday's date was an exceptional one, being a rare palindrome. Here's one story about it: Rare palindrome 

The warm winds brought Snow Geese flying high overhead this morning to add to the list for #33 for the year. The Brown Creepers were missed on Sunday, but one was back again today. Otherwise, birds have been seen at the usual pace for milder winter weather.


A female Downy Woodpecker stopped in to get a drink at the bubbler on 1-20-20. No matter what birds are eating, they often need water in winter.


1-20-20 Downy Woodpecker drinks1-20-20 Downy Woodpecker drinks


A Brown Creeper tried to slip in near a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker to snatch a teeny bit of bark butter.


1-21-20 Brown Creeper and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker female1-21-20 Brown Creeper and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker female


Carolina Wrens are often seen poking about in the leaves at the base of trees for hidden insects.


1-22-20 Carolina Wren1-22-20 Carolina Wren


A White-breasted Nuthatch used its bill to spear a bit of bark butter.


1-22-20 White-breasted Nuthatch1-22-20 White-breasted Nuthatch


The immature female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was seen on 1-27-20 very briefly. Both sapsuckers may return with colder weather!


1-27-20 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker immature female1-27-20 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker immature female


One sign of spring that we spotted - Celandine or Wood Poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum) are beginning to emerge through the leaf litter. 


2-2-20 Celandine Poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum) emerging2-2-20 Celandine Poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum) emerging

More cold and a bit of snow is in the forecast, but hardy native plants know when it's time to take advantage of the warmer days. 

We've gained 50 minutes since the Winter Solstice!






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