Happy Earth Day! 4-22-19

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Today is Earth Day and we are so very fortunate to have beauty all around us. We just need to remember to look to nature and support it in our own backyards. What a difference we can make together! 


Here is our Earth Day Parade of flora and fauna.


An uncommon Lincoln's Sparrow was here on the morning of 4-17-19. They're such a pretty little sparrow but not seen here every year.


FOY #62 Lincoln's Sparrow 4-17-19FOY #62 Lincoln's Sparrow 4-17-19


Ruby-crowned Kinglets are here, sometimes two or three individuals each day.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet 4-18-19Ruby-crowned Kinglet 4-18-19


This male Purple Finch has been at the feeder quite regularly over the past week. The last day that I saw it, it was high in a tree, singing its heart out.


Purple Finch 4-17-19Purple Finch 4-17-19 Purple Finch singing 4-20-19Purple Finch singing 4-20-19

I've been seeing two Hermit Thrushes lately, one worked between the Celandine Poppies, looking for insects while the second took a bath.


Hermit Thrush 4-18-19Hermit Thrush 4-18-19 Hermit Thrush 4-20-19Hermit Thrush 4-20-19


Eastern Gray Squirrels are living in a burl of our white oak snag. The young are about to emerge and find their way in the world. 


Baby Eastern Gray Squirrels 4-17-19Baby Eastern Gray Squirrels 4-17-19


Eastern Chipmunks fill their cheek pouches with seed from under the feeder. Where does it have room for water?


Eastern Chipmunk 4-17-19Eastern Chipmunk 4-17-19


The new leaves of the Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) have a rich and ruddy tinge to them.


Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) 4-17-19Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) 4-17-19


Yellow-rumped Warblers have finally started coming in to the Bubbler. Today, one took an early splash.


Yellow-rumped Warbler 4-20-19Yellow-rumped Warbler 4-20-19

Yellow-rumped Warbler 4-22-19Yellow-rumped Warbler 4-22-19

I happened to see the birds scatter and hear the Northern Cardinals making their 'tick-tick-tick' alarm call when this Cooper's Hawk flew in. It went after a squirrel, which escaped, and the bird flew elsewhere hoping for a meal.


Cooper's Hawk 4-20-19Cooper's Hawk 4-20-19


An early arrival on Easter Sunday was this Nashville Warbler. Typically, they do not reach the southern border of the state until the third week of April. It popped in to look at the Bubbler and kept on going.


FOY #64 Nashville Warbler 4-21-19FOY #64 Nashville Warbler 4-21-19


A Red Admiral butterfly chose Common Violets to nectar on.


Red Admiral on Violets (Viola odorata) 4-17-19Red Admiral on Violets (Viola odorata) 4-17-19


My first sighting of a Nessus Sphinx Moth was also on Easter Sunday. 4-21-19. Two years ago, they were also nectaring at the Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)


Nessus Sphinx Moth at Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) 4-21-19Nessus Sphinx Moth at Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) 4-21-19


Today, a male Three-toed Box Turtle was methodically moving through the woodland. It is the first male I've recorded here. 


Three-toed Box Turtle 4-22-19Three-toed Box Turtle 4-22-19


The Bubbler is ready for "all and sundry" as the Brits say. Yes, we'll take them ALL! Every bird is welcome.


Bubbler Area 4-21-19Bubbler Area 4-21-19


Dan checked the Trail Cam and found this video clip. He slowed it down so we could get a better look at this fast moving creature that was captured on 4-12-19. It sure looks like a mink to us!


Mink 4-12-19


One last treat, a short video for you to view. 


Explorers- Gray Squirrels 4-18-19


Happy Earth Day!




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