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It's March! 3-5-18

March 05, 2018  •  1 Comment

The birds have been a bit confused, first we were gone for 12 days and now this!  We have had Men At Work giving the exterior of the house a facelift.  The birds finally figured out that it's safe to come in again once the trucks leave in the afternoon.  Weekends have been a bit better with more activity.  On Sunday, I finally had a list of 20 species for the sunny, warm day. 


Carolina Chickadees, White-throated and Song Sparrows came in to drink, rest and bathe in a somewhat relaxed mood.


Carolina Chickadee 3-4-18Carolina Chickadee 3-4-18 White-throated Sparrow 3-4-18White-throated Sparrow 3-4-18 Song Sparrow 3-4-18Song Sparrow 3-4-18 Song Sparrow 3-4-18Song Sparrow 3-4-18


A Mourning Dove preened on a branch behind the basin, a favorite place in the afternoon.


Mourning Dove 3-4-18Mourning Dove 3-4-18


About 6:00 pm, I spotted a large bird that flew in low.  It was one of the Barred Owls.  We have been hearing them fairly consistently around dusk and through the night.  It went to the sump puddle to take a few drinks.


Barred Owl 3-4-18Barred Owl 3-4-18


The owl flew up to a small tree near the property line and I stepped out to get a couple more photos.


Barred Owl 3-4-18Barred Owl 3-4-18 Barred Owl 3-4-18Barred Owl 3-4-18


The light was going at 6:05 p.m. and I wanted the bird to feel welcome, so I stepped back inside.  Then, the owl started calling and its mate flew in beside it!  We both got to see them for the first time together this year.  That was a great moment!  We wonder if they have a nest and where it might be.  Later in the evening, I checked the cameras and found that one of the owls had gone fishing. 


Barred Owl at Pond 3-4-18


I just couldn't tell for sure, but I think the owl came up empty.  Perhaps they both were luckier with voles or rabbits!


Stay tuned for a follow-up post:   Bubbler Water Features - Part Three 


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Jo Alwood(non-registered)
You got a lot of nice pictures. I wish we could have the Barred Owl (as well as the Great Horned Owl). I love the Barred Owl's call and like to try to engage him in 'conversation'. Nice shot of the Song Sparrow too. I'll be doing a movie about them in the next month or so.
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