One challenge to feeding birds in winter 1-23-17

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This past week, we spent a lot of time outsmarting a squirrel.  This can seem a daunting task when one wants to have a few feeders up for the birds.

Here is the Eastern Gray Squirrel as it hung by its toenails to clean out the feeder.


Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-11-17Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-11-17


The hook was changed and a new sleeve added.  Well, that didn't work.  The squirrel took seeds then chewed on the feeder to sharpen its teeth.


Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-15-17Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-15-17


A taller sleeve still did not deter this squirrel who had one foothold on a tiny branch, the other on the sleeve.


Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-16-17Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-16-17


Finally, third time's a charm!  The long PVC sleeve seemed to be enough to make him give up.


Eastern Gray Squirrel not on  feeder 1-17-17Eastern Gray Squirrel not on feeder 1-17-17


The squirrel concentrated on eating bark butter on the adjacent tree while looking for other opportunities.


Eastern Gray Squirrel eating bark butter 1-17-17Eastern Gray Squirrel eating bark butter 1-17-17


Then, the squirrel took a different tack.  It scrambled onto the deck and jumped onto the tube feeder.


Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-18-17Eastern Gray Squirrel on feeder 1-18-17


It was time to play the game of musical feeders so we moved the tube feeder out to the garden pole.  

The squirrel again managed to get to it until Dan added the large green guard.


New feeder setup 1-22-17New feeder setup 1-22-17


We also moved the 'ball' feeder from the viburnum to remove the temptation.  Now the birds can easily get to the food without disturbance.  

It's on the hook near the deck and the birds stage from the small trees nearby.

A White-breasted Nuthatch acrobatically grabbed a seed, then took off, upside down.


White-breasted Nuthatch 1-19-17White-breasted Nuthatch 1-19-17


A Carolina Chickadee can quickly come in and do the same. Now, maybe we're ready for the next blast of winter. 

(And, please, please...spare me your squirrel stories!!)


Carolina Chickadee 1-22-17Carolina Chickadee 1-22-17


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