Hummer Haven UnLtd. | Happy Halloween! Wrap-up on October 10-31-16

Happy Halloween! Wrap-up on October 10-31-16

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It's the last day of October. Birds like this American Goldfinch are now coming to the hummingbird feeder for a sip. The ruby-throats have left and from this point on there is a chance of seeing a rarer hummingbird species. A long shot maybe, but it still is possible. Our feeder is ready and waiting. 


American Goldfinch 10-24-16American Goldfinch 10-24-16


Leaves are coming down and it's pretty darn dry. The bubbler has also been a busy place for thirsty birds. A family of Cedar Waxwings have been coming in and this one was brave enough to get a drink between groups of robins.


Cedar Waxwing 10-25-16Cedar Waxwing 10-25-16


Waiting nearby was a young bird, the first I've ever photographed. What a scruffy little guy!


Cedar Waxwing juvenile 10-25-16Cedar Waxwing juvenile 10-25-16


By spring, the young one will be as beautiful as this one! Their fine feathers look like a velvet cloak to me.


Cedar Waxwing 10-28-16Cedar Waxwing 10-28-16


There have been several days lately when Ruby-crowned Kinglets have been in the mix. The little ruby crown is visible on this bird, though not as obvious as it was in the breeding season.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16Ruby-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16


We've had regular visits from Orange-crowned Warblers.  Young birds like this first year female are still coming through.


Orange-crowned Warbler 10-25-16Orange-crowned Warbler 10-25-16


Both the 'crowned' birds got in together for a 'royal splash'.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Orange-crowned Warbler 10-25-16Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Orange-crowned Warbler 10-25-16


The Golden-crowned Kinglet showed up a little too late to join them and preferred the Bubbler rock.


Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16


What a gorgeous, tiny bird!


Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-25-16


Last Friday, the first of the season Red-winged Blackbird landed on one of the feeders and chowed down some black-oil sunflower seeds.


Red-winged Blackbird 10-28-16Red-winged Blackbird 10-28-16


It was hanging out with this Common Grackle, perhaps they were scouting together for their mixed flock which may be swirling in soon.


Common Grackle 10-28-16Common Grackle 10-28-16


The young male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has been here on several days to feed as well. 


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-16Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-16


Dark-eyed Juncos arrived here last Sunday and this female came to the bubbler.


Dark-eyed Junco  10-30-16Dark-eyed Junco 10-30-16


White-throated Sparrows are also making themselves here at home for the new season.


White-throated Sparrow 10-29-16White-throated Sparrow 10-29-16


More Orange-crowned Warblers came in yesterday, early and later in the day with a whoosh of cooler air.


Orange-crowned Warbler 10-30-16Orange-crowned Warbler 10-30-16


Well, it's time to say bye-bye to October!


Orange-crowned Warbler 10-30-16Orange-crowned Warbler 10-30-16


 Trick or Treat!


Trick or treat! 10-30-16Trick or treat! 10-30-16


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