The Merry Month of May is underway!

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The Carolina Chickadees were very busy feeding young in April.  They are such dedicated parents and forage constantly to bring caterpillars to feed them.  After all, they may need anywhere from 6000-9000 of these caterpillars to raise their brood!  


Once the chicks had fledged, my focus turned to the incoming migrants.  Here are a few personal favorites, I've set up a new gallery just for 2015 Warblers so be sure to check that out.  It has a few images with several warblers together, too.

This is a striking Golden-winged Warbler who has a distinctive call, "Bee-buzz buzz buzz!"

Golden-winged WarblerGolden-winged Warbler

And a gorgeous Yellow Warbler..."sweet, sweet, sweet, I'm so sweet!"

Yellow WarblerYellow Warbler

An American Redstart...several song phrases, but one I hear a lot is "tsee tsee tsee tsee tsee-o" which drops harshly at the end.

American RedstartAmerican Redstart

A Chestnut-sided Warbler..."pleased, pleased, pleased to meet you!"

Chestnut-sided WarblerChestnut-sided Warbler

And a female Blackburnian Warbler... Blackburnian Warbler, femaleBlackburnian Warbler, female

There are more yet to come, but what a joyful time!  To see more migrants that are not warblers, look at the 2015 Birds at Shady Oaks gallery.  Here's one example, a Gray Catbird! He often lurks in the shadows, so this was fun to capture.

Gray Catbird showing his best featureGray Catbird showing his best feature




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