Spring Forward! 3-10-24

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Spring Forward! 

Ready or not, here we go...

3-2-24 Virginia bluebells3-2-24 Virginia bluebells

Virginia Bluebells are showing their leaves and buds now, and daffodils are in full bloom all around town.


3-1-24 Eastern Bluebird3-1-24 Eastern Bluebird 3-1-24 Eastern Bluebird female3-1-24 Eastern Bluebird female

The Eastern Bluebirds come in together several times a day, taking turns to bathe. On Saturday, I thought the female carried some cypress fronds to the nesting box. We'll give them some time yet before we open the box to check.


2-27-24 Mourning Dove feathers2-27-24 Mourning Dove feathers

Back on 2/27/24, a Cooper's Hawk was photographed bathing in the stream bed of the large pond. When I checked later, I saw these Mourning Dove tail feathers near the far south edge of the pond. 


3-1-24 Mourning Dove, sans tail3-1-24 Mourning Dove, sans tail

This bird had been staying in cover, but finally came out to be documented a few days later, on 3-1-124. It managed to escape the grasp of the hawk with its life!



2-27-24 Mourning Dove2-27-24 Mourning Dove

By comparison, this dove's tail is intact and as one can see, it is quite long.


3-2-24 Eastern Phoebe3-2-24 Eastern Phoebe 3-2-24 Eastern Phoebe3-2-24 Eastern Phoebe

The first of year Eastern Phoebe was seen on 2-29-24, Leap Day and photographed on 3-2-24. First it was in the garden on this Pokeweed stalk, then it was fly-catching in the woodland. It is still in the neighborhood, and may be our resident breeding male.


3-2-24 Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers3-2-24 Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers 3-2-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker3-2-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

3-6-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker3-6-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers continue to move around the neighborhood.


3-5-24 Brown Creeper3-5-24 Brown Creeper 3-5-24 Brown Creeper3-5-24 Brown Creeper

Even though Brown Creepers are infrequently seen as a rule, we have sightings nearly every day here. 

  3-4-24 Dark-eyed Juncos3-4-24 Dark-eyed Juncos

Dark-eyed Juncos are pairing up before they move on to their breeding areas all across Canada!

  3-5-24 Carolina Wren at brush pile3-5-24 Carolina Wren at brush pile

3-2-24 Carolina Wren nest atop E. Phoebe nest from last year3-2-24 Carolina Wren nest atop E. Phoebe nest from last year

The Carolina Wrens are sometimes seen hanging out around the brush pile. They started a nest on top of the old Phoebe nest, but still seem undecided about its completion. We heard them fussing one day. The Eastern Phoebe may have had words with them!


3-5-24 Hairy Woodpecker female3-5-24 Hairy Woodpecker female

This Hairy Woodpecker female is often seen at the peanut feeder or the suet.


We have been spending time now out in the garden. Our policy is "Minimal Disturbance!" So, that means we plan our time to go out when the birds are taking a break and we work as quickly as we can for an hour or two, then come back inside so the birds can return to the feeders and water features.


On Wednesday, 3-6-24 it was just mild enough to give the Bubbler a good scrub, with water only. We work fast!



3-6-24 Spring Cleaning!


Enjoy the changes of Spring...




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