Up to the GBBC Weekend ~ Great Backyard Bird Count 2-19-24

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February flies! 

Now we're finishing up the weekend of the GBBC. Here are some of the highlights of the past few weeks.


2-9-24 Pine Siskins2-9-24 Pine Siskins

Pine Siskins continue to be seen at the water, in the native trees and at the feeders. 

  2-10-24 House Sparrow2-10-24 House Sparrow

2-9-24 Eurasian Tree Sparrow and House Sparrow composite2-9-24 Eurasian Tree Sparrow and House Sparrow composite

A single male House Sparrow has been showing up at the bubbler and at one feeder. If you've not seen these two naturalized species together before, here they are in one photo for comparison. They are introduced species that dominate and displace our native birds. 


2-11-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker immature female2-11-24 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker immature female

This immature female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has been seen frequently at our sugar maples.


2-12-24 Eastern Bluebirds mating2-12-24 Eastern Bluebirds mating 2-12-24 Eastern Bluebird pair2-12-24 Eastern Bluebird pair

We have seen some sure signs of spring! Just by chance one afternoon, I caught this pair of Eastern Bluebirds in a quick mating gesture. The pair then bathed together. Their nesting box is going up soon!


2-14-24 American Goldfinch eating American Elm buds2-14-24 American Goldfinch eating American Elm buds

Six American Goldfinches were seen nibbling at American Elm buds for carotenoids, an essential ingredient in their diet.


On Friday morning, 2-16-24, these Wood Poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum) were already poking through the leaves. We still had some winter weather to experience that day.


2-16-24 White-throated Sparrow in brush pile2-16-24 White-throated Sparrow in brush pile

The White-throated Sparrow studied the sleet as it began to come down. Snow, too? 

  2-16-24 Rusty Blackbird, dragging right leg2-16-24 Rusty Blackbird, dragging right leg

A lone Rusty Blackbird was seen in the garden, dragging its right leg behind it. Would it survive the imminent weather?


2-16-24 Brown Creeper2-16-24 Brown Creeper

The Brown Creeper came in for some bark butter as the sleet changed over to snow.


2-16-24 Mourning Dove2-16-24 Mourning Dove 2-16-24 House Finches and American Goldfinch2-16-24 House Finches and American Goldfinch

Mourning Doves, House Finches and American Goldfinches toughed it out and clung to perches.


2-16-24 Eastern Bluebird2-16-24 Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebirds carried on.


2-16-24 American Goldfinch2-16-24 American Goldfinch 2-16-24 American Robin in Smooth Hydrangeas2-16-24 American Robin in Smooth Hydrangeas

American Goldfinches and American Robins found some perches close to the ground to settle upon.


2-16-24 Six Pine Siskins and three American Goldfinches2-16-24 Six Pine Siskins and three American Goldfinches

About 2:30 pm, the snow intensified and so did the feeding frenzy!


2-16-24 Snow Day

To get the full picture, here's a short video of the snow as it accumulated during the day. Some of you don't get to experience this if you live in warmer climes, and surely you miss the quiet beauty! Try to identify the birds that come in.


2-17-24 American Crow2-17-24 American Crow

After the snowfall, the temperature dropped into the teens. An American Crow investigated the bubbler the next morning.


2-17-24 vWhite-throated Sparrow in Christmas tree cover2-17-24 vWhite-throated Sparrow in Christmas tree cover

This White-throated Sparrow woke up, cozy in its Christmas tree cover.

  2-17-24 Pine Siskin in Bald Cypress panicles2-17-24 Pine Siskin in Bald Cypress panicles

Saturday morning was clear and bright. Pine Siskins were feeding in the panicles of the Bald Cypress.

  2-18-24 Carolina Wren singing2-18-24 Carolina Wren singing

The ever cheerful Carolina Wren belted out its morning song from the spicebush (Lindera benzoin).


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