Migrants are on the move! 4-30-22

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Migration is now in full swing!

What a big change in the last ten days. Here are just some of the new FOY (first-of-year) birds.


4-19-22 Rusty Blackbird4-19-22 Rusty Blackbird


The last Rusty Blackbird was seen on Earth Day, 4-22-22. There are still a few being seen in Forest Park, very late for this overwintering  species still to be here. 


4-21-22 Blue-headed Vireo4-21-22 Blue-headed Vireo


This Blue-headed Vireo splash-bathed on 4-21-22.


4-22-22 FOY #62 *42 Black-throated Green Warbler4-22-22 FOY #62 *42 Black-throated Green Warbler 4-22-22 FOY #64 *43 Orange-crowned Warbler4-22-22 FOY #64 *43 Orange-crowned Warbler

4-23-22 Orange-crowned Warbler in cover of Blackhaw out of the wind4-23-22 Orange-crowned Warbler in cover of Blackhaw out of the wind


Black-throated Green and Orange-crowned Warblers came in on Earth Day. The second Orange-crowned Warbler was sheltering in a Blackhaw, out of gusty winds the following day.

  4-22-22 FOY 65 *44 Yellow Warbler4-22-22 FOY 65 *44 Yellow Warbler


A Yellow Warbler stopped by the bubbler on Earth Day. This species has been seen on three days, more photos will be added soon (if I ever catch up!) 


4-22-22 FOY Indigo Bunting4-22-22 FOY Indigo Bunting


To complement the Yellow Warbler, and Indigo Bunting also came in for species #66 for the year and #45 at the bubbler.

  4-23-22 FOY 70 Ruby-throated Hummingbird4-23-22 FOY 70 Ruby-throated Hummingbird

4-23-22 FOY 70 Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Virginia Bluebells4-23-22 FOY 70 Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Virginia Bluebells


Finally, our first Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrived on Saturday, 4-23-22. This bird was at the Virginia Bluebells even more than the feeder. I saw the first female yesterday, 4-29-22.

4-23-22 FOY 73 *49 Northern Parula4-23-22 FOY 73 *49 Northern Parula 4-25-22 Northern Parula female4-25-22 Northern Parula female 4-25-22 Northern Parula female4-25-22 Northern Parula female


Beautiful Northern Parulas came in on Saturday, 4-23-22 as well. The female shows us all what these birds are doing, finding caterpillars on native plants to eat! This is exactly why we do not use pesticides because that would eliminate this essential food for these migrants and for nesting birds. Caterpillars are the primary food fed to baby birds.


4-23-22 Nashville Warbler4-23-22 Nashville Warbler 4-24-22 Tennessee Warbler4-24-22 Tennessee Warbler 4-24-22 FOY Blackpoll Warbler4-24-22 FOY Blackpoll Warbler

4-24-22 FOY Blackpoll and Tennessee, Nashville Warblers4-24-22 FOY Blackpoll and Tennessee, Nashville Warblers


Nashville, Tennessee and Blackpoll Warblers, you guessed them! "Parties at the Bubbler" have officially begun!


4-25-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher4-25-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 4-25-22 FOY Lincoln's Sparrow4-25-22 FOY Lincoln's Sparrow 4-26-22 FOY Wild Turkey4-26-22 FOY Wild Turkey


From the tiny Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and shy Lincoln's Sparrow to the Wild Turkey that stepped out of the woods before scooting back to cover, birds of every size have been coming through. It's spring migration!


4-26-22 FOY Rose-breasted Grosbeak female4-26-22 FOY Rose-breasted Grosbeak female

4-26-22 FOY Golden-winged Warbler4-26-22 FOY Golden-winged Warbler
4-26-22 FOY Great Crested Flycatcher4-26-22 FOY Great Crested Flycatcher


Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Golden-winged Warblers and the Great Crested Flycatchers have been added to the mix.


4-25-22 Red-headed Woodpecker4-25-22 Red-headed Woodpecker

4-27-22 Red-headed Woodpecker4-27-22 Red-headed Woodpecker

4-26-22 Red-headed Woodpecker4-26-22 Red-headed Woodpecker


For the first time ever, we have TWO Red-headed Woodpeckers frequenting the woodland. They both are seen and heard every day now since Monday, 4-25-22. The first photo shows the near adult bird and the next two show an adult. Perhaps they are a pair now. This species is on the Watch List due to habitat loss, so this is a remarkable development. With the leaves filling out on the trees, it may be trickier to see and photograph these birds. Will try to keep you updated.


Carolina Wrens and House Finches have fledged. Northern Cardinals, Eastern Phoebes, Eastern Bluebirds and more are feeding young. Yesterday, I had 56 species of birds here, including 14 warblers. It will take me a while to catch up, but photos will be added into this gallery. 


It's truly spring!


Birds since 4-17-22


PS  Some of you have asked about the highly contagious Avian Flu situation for the birds in other states. I'll post an alert if we need to take down feeders and bird baths. At this point, it is not necessary as far as I know.








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