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Summer is here! 6-21-18

June 21, 2018  •  3 Comments

Summer has officially arrived, although it has felt like summer since early May. Today, we've had a bit of a respite and tomorrow's high may only reach 75 degrees. We'll take it!


Nesters have been busy and calling a bit more when it's cooler in the mornings. I heard a Warbling Vireo two days ago, which means that species may now be raising young nearby. The Northern Cardinals are raising a second brood. This juvenile male is on its own now.


Northern Cardinal juvenile 6-13-18Northern Cardinal juvenile 6-13-18


The Red-shouldered Hawks have been seen in the woodland, hunting voles and possibly larger prey. The male often works from this stump.


Red-shouldered Hawk 6-13-18Red-shouldered Hawk 6-13-18


The female Red-shouldered Hawk has been taking a different approach, sometimes trying to catch goldfish!


Red-shouldered Hawk fishing 6-14-18


I've been seeing both male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and managed to photograph this female at the south feeder. The bird is just refueling to be able to capture more insects to feed the nestlings. Instead of the nectar from plants, this time the feeder was more convenient. 


Ruby-throated Hummingbird female 6-13-18Ruby-throated Hummingbird female 6-13-18


A young Great Crested Flycatcher perched near the bubbler one afternoon, checking out the water.


Great Crested Flycatcher juvenile 6-14-18Great Crested Flycatcher juvenile 6-14-18


My friend, Sue Poley and I were getting ready to leave for the Native Plant Garden Tour last Saturday, June 16. We were looking at pond plants that I was going to share with her when I heard an Eastern Wood-Pewee call. Sue spotted it on the cedar perch near the dripper in the east bed. The bird then hovered, sipped from the dripper and flew higher in the tree. Some sightings we just smile and enjoy! We also enjoyed seven of the ten gardens on the Native Plant tour that day, despite the heat warning and 107 degree heat index. It was well attended and I did take some photos which you can view here:  

2018 Native Plant Garden Tour


The next post will feature the makeover of this well-loved Bubbler! Check back in a week when I'll share the creative transformation! 


Before View of Poley Bubbler Pond 3-18-18Before View of Poley Bubbler Pond 3-18-18












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Wow.This is soo nice. I love birds. I always love to click pictures of birds. Its really soo cute. I am soo happy that I have found your blog. Thank you for sharing the post. I would like to get more posts from you
Hummer Haven UnLtd.
June should have a FEW days like this!

I apologize for the first link to the Native Plant Garden Tour not working, I think it's okay now!
Us or the birds? It is hard to tell who is more relieved by this respite from the heat. Thanks for all the great pictures!
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