Hummer Haven UnLtd. | A White Christmas! 12-25-17

A White Christmas! 12-25-17

December 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In St. Louis, there's a 20% chance - this year, we have a White Christmas with an inch of snow on the ground! 

It was a beautiful, fluffy light snow and we're grateful for the moisture.  

From our breakfast room on Christmas Eve morning,

we watched the busy birds at the feeders.


Feeders in snow  12-24-17Feeders in snow 12-24-17


As the snow fell, the woodland became an enchanted winter wonderland!


Woodland Gate  12-24-17Woodland Gate 12-24-17


From all of us at Shady Oaks to all of you, we wish for you days to play in the snow...


White-breasted Nuthatch  12-23-17White-breasted Nuthatch 12-23-17


...take long walks or take it easy...


Mourning Dove  12-24-17Mourning Dove 12-24-17, drink and be merry...


American Goldfinches 12-24-17American Goldfinches 12-24-17

American Goldfinch  12-23-17American Goldfinch 12-23-17


...savor those leftovers!


Brown Creeper  12-24-17Brown Creeper 12-24-17





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