Halloween Treats 10-31-17

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More birds have arrived that will spend their winter days here. White-throated Sparrows have come in, like this 'white form' with white stripes on its crown. The composite photo shows the tan form as well.


White-throated Sparrow 10-16-17White-throated Sparrow 10-16-17

White-throated Sparrows 1-19-16White-throated Sparrows 1-19-16


The Golden-crowned Kinglets are still flitting about, visiting the Bubbler some days.


Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-19-17Golden-crowned Kinglet 10-19-17


The last Summer Tanager of migration was seen on 10/19/17. 


Summer Tanager 10-19-17Summer Tanager 10-19-17


This Brown Creeper is in an unusual position clinging to the moss-covered rock behind the Bubbler.  One can really see its russet tail, when usually its colors blend into the bark of a tree.


Brown Creeper 10-20-17Brown Creeper 10-20-17


The first Hermit Thrush of fall has been seen several days and was at the Bubbler on 10/20/17. This bird also has a rusty tail that it raises, then slowly lowers.


Hermit Thrush 10-20-17Hermit Thrush 10-20-17


An Eastern Towhee was seen near the pond, foraging under a 'Blue Muffin' Viburnum on 10/29/17.  Now that's a bird that blends in with the leaves.


Eastern Towhee 10-29-17Eastern Towhee 10-29-17


A juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was here with another male. This bird is the 'scruffiest' one I've seen here, without any signs yet of a yellow belly or red feathers on its head. It may stay in this plumage into March. I confirmed its identification with an expert because it did have me scratching my head and wondering if it was a vagrant sapsucker. The next photo is of a young male that I took exactly a year ago. There is always more to learn about birds!


Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-17 confirmedJuvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-17 confirmed

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-16Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10-29-16


It was very breezy yesterday and the wind was keeping the birds down. I went into the front room to sit by the window for a bit, thinking that we really do have a lot of hiding places here for birds. Anything could be tucked into the garden! Just then, a Winter Wren popped out of the Coral Trumpet Honeysuckle on the arbor, did its bouncy little dance and then dashed back into cover. I smiled to myself, cheered by the antics of the tiny brown speckled bird. I got the camera and it took about 20 minutes to find it again working over, under, around and through the leaves like a little mouse. See what I mean? It is #105 for the year.


Winter Wren 10-30-17Winter Wren 10-30-17


The Yellow-rumped Warblers will be here into April before moving north to their breeding grounds. We may see an Orange-crowned Warbler again, but most of the warblers have gone south for their winter.


Yellow-rumped Warbler 10-30-17Yellow-rumped Warbler 10-30-17


Now for some Trick-or-Treaters!  I have suspected for some time that we had a coyote around because of some still images taken with the Trail Cam. Now, we both feel certain. This video was taken on 10/18/17 at 3:25 am.


Coyote 10-18-17 3:25:38 am


The beautifully marked fox came for a drink a couple times recently. This video was from 10/25/17 at 6:30 am.


Red Fox at the Bubbler 10-25-17 6:30:08 am


The White-tailed deer are becoming much more active with bucks strutting through in the night and even in broad daylight. We have at least 5 different bucks.


White-tailed Buck 10-28-17 1:53 am 2 White-tailed Bucks 10-28-17 1:54 am White-tailed Buck 10-29-17 at 1:12 pm


That's scary enough for me!  Happy Halloween!

PS.  To view all the short video clips, start here in the Wildlife Gallery:  Video clips



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