E. Phoebe fledglings at the pond

June 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I almost missed them. It had turned hot and we were back to cave living with the house closed up. Oh, how I hate not hearing the birds. On Saturday, when it was pleasant, I had been working in the front beds and did hear the phoebes begging. That was my first tip that the nest, wherever it ended up, had been successful. On Sunday, I saw one perched on the front hook for the hummingbird feeder in the evening. On Monday, I saw one perched on the hook for the feeder off the deck. Then, it flew to the pond. I grabbed the camera and went to the bay window. There were 4, one splashed and took off. The other 3, I assume the younger ones, played together in the water. 

Difficult to get anything decent through the window at dusk in poor light, but here they are documented for now. I was so very glad to see these little birds feeling safe, having fun and exploring their world.


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