American Mink returns

June 09, 2014  •  1 Comment

We were planting some pots of Virginia Bluebells in the woodland when the birds started making a fuss to the east of us. I said to Dan, "The mink must be around, the birds are upset." He saw it first heading toward the pond and then I saw it returning to the east area. We continued putting the last plants in when we saw the mink at the bubbler. Up popped an Eurasian Tree Sparrow, then a Tufted Titmouse and fussing Carolina Chickadees. The mink wrestled with a brown bird/critter, then took for cover, moving through the Jewelweed and off to the east. We weren't twenty feet from the skirmish. The pots on stakes marked where we put plants in so we could find them in the leaf litter. The circled area marks where we saw the mink.


I went inside and realized that we might have caught some of this on the Bubbler Cam. Sure enough, there was a clip. Again, I tried to freeze frame in a couple places, but it's really hard to tell what the mink has in it's mouth. My first impression was another Eurasian Tree Sparrow. As I was working on the video, I saw that the mink had returned again and have included the second clip. There must be youngsters or the mink wouldn't be this active during the day!


American Mink with prey


Jo Alwood(non-registered)
How cool is that! Looks to me like you're using i-Movie to make your films. Am I right?
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