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Created 22-Jun-14
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St. Louis Map overview showing rivers and our locationOverview of our location marked AView showing larger wooded area around usBefore - March 1997 View SW from the deck, our woodland filled with invasive bush honeysuckleBefore - March 1997 View to S from near street and front of houseBefore - March 1997 View N from SE corner of lotLandscape Design, an evolving process on site and on paper - by Margy Terpstra3-2021 Revised with new pump specs at 170 gph1-21-21 Revised with new pump specs at 170 gph10-15-2000 Bubbler Installation10-15-2000 Bubbler Installation10-22-2000 Bubbler running!10-22-2000 Bubbler running!10-22-2000 Bubbler running, coping stone addedBubbler with Mallard pair on 5-19-2003Black-throated Green Warbler at 'Bubble' 9-25-03Original 'Bird Creek Basin' installed 4-5-2004Bubbler with new basin on 4-5-2004Ruby-crowned Kinglet at the 'Bubble' 4-13-04

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