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Created 16-May-22
382 photos, 24 videos

4-28-22 Warbling Vireo5-1-22 Blackpoll Warbler female5-1-22 Baltimore Oriole5-2-22 Lincoln's Sparrow5-2-22 Yellow Warbler5-3-22 Yellow Warbler and Indigo Bunting5-3-22 Wood Thrush, first time in 10 years at the bubbler!5-4-22 Lincoln's Sparrow5-4-22 Rose-breasted Grosbeak5-4-22 Northern Parula5-4-22 Scarlet Tanager5-4-22 Scarlet Tanager5-4-22 Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers5-4-22 Golden-winged, Nashville and Blue-winged Warblers5-5-22 Hermit Thrush5-5-22 Eastern Bluebird with insect5-5-22 Cooper's Hawk5-7-22 Summer Tanager, immature5-8-22 Red-headed Woodpecker5-8-22 Rose-breasted Grosbeak female and Gray Catbird

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