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Created 7-Oct-14
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Varied Thrush documentation drawing 1/23/03 for 10th Missouri RecordBlack-throated Blue Warbler on 5-13-05Cerulean Warbler 5-5-07Hybrid Warbler on 5/23/08 Nashville x American Redstart?Nashville Warbler on top, American Redstart belowDavid Sibley account of this hybrid seen12-29-08 Common Redpoll2-20-13 Red Crossbills at the Bubbler2-20-13 Red Crossbills at the Bubbler2-21-13 Red Crossbills at the FountainFemale Blackpoll Warbler on 10-4-13 documented as 3rd Missouri Fall recordRusty Blackbird, male and femaleRusty Blackbirds in the Bubbler BasinRusty Blackbird in the Bubbler BasinNorthern Flicker - Melanistic 3/16/14 (More photos in the Birds at Shady Oaks Gallery)Northern Cardinal eating a Monarch caterpillar 8-14-15

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