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Created 1-Jan-22
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1-1-22 Tufted Titmouse1-1-22 Northern Flicker female1-1-22 Northern Cardinal1-1-22 White-throated Sparrow eating Cliff Goldenrod seeds1-1-22 Northern Flicker1-1-22 Northern Cardinal1-1-22 White-breasted Nuthatches1-1-22 Brown Creeper1-2-22 Common Grackle1-2-22 Common Grackles and European Starling1-2-22 Blue Jay1-2-22 Common Grackles1-2-22 Common Grackles1-2-22 Common Grackles1-2-22 Common Grackle1-2-22 Northern Flicker1-2-22 White-breasted Nuthatch1-2-22 House Finches and Northern Cardinal1-2-22 Hairy Woodpecker1-2-22 House Finch resting in Smooth Hydrangea

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