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Created 23-Jun-19
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3-2021 Revised Pond Diagram with new pump notedOur preformed bubbler pond, installed in fall of 2000Pond liner used for basin in 2011Bubbler Area 4-30-18Bubbler Basin 4-23-16Bubbler Basin puddle areas 4-23-16Overview of Bubbler basin 11-21-16Overview of Bubbler basin 18" x 24" 11-21-16Bubbler Area 6-15-19Bubbler Area labeled 6-15-19First step to clean the biofilter, unplug the pump!Pull the pump/biofilter bucketDisconnect the pump from tubingAnother view, disconnect the pump from tubingPump "T" connector shownPump biofiltration componentsCleaning the filter mediaBiofilter, top viewPosition filter media back in placeBackflush the tubing

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