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Created 1-Jan-21
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1-1-21 Pine Siskin on icy branch of American Elm1-1-21 Rusty Blackbird1-1-21 Two Brown Creepers1-1-21 Northern Flicker female1-1-21 Two Rusty Blackbirds of Nine seen1-1-21 Pine Siskin1-1-21 House Finch in Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)1-1-21 Pine Siskin on icy branch1-1-21 American Goldfinch  on icy branch of Rough-leaf Dogwood1-1-21 Blue Jay1-1-21 Red-bellied Woodpecker female and European Starling1-1-21 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, immature male1-1-21 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker female1-1-21 European Starlings, bills locked together1-1-21 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker female1-1-21 Rusty Blackbird1-1-21 Rusty Blackbirds1-1-21 Rusty Blackbird1-1-21 Rusty Blackbird, tossing leaves1-1-21 Rusty Blackbird

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