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Created 16-Jan-17
57 photos

Brown Creeper 1-15-17Northern Flicker Male and Female 1-4-17Northern Flicker variation in males 1-13-17Northern Flicker same female 1-14-17Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1-6-17Downy Woodpecker female 1-17-17Hairy Woodpecker 1-8-15Hairy Woodpecker 1-25-17Side view comparison of Hairy Woodpecker male and Downy Woodpecker femaleBack view comparison of Downy Woodpecker female and Hairy Woodpecker maleDowny and Hairy Woodpeckers 1-25-17Red-breasted and White-breasted Nuthatches 1-24-17Purple Finch, lower left, House Finches abovePurple Finch on left, House Finch on rightPurple Finch on left, House Finch on rightCooper's Hawks 3-27-16 and 6-23-16Cooper's Hawk juveniles 8-9-16 and 8-10-14Hermit Thrush auduboni 4-10-16Hermit Thrush faxoni 4-22-16Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks 1-30-11

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