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Laura Payne(non-registered)
These are amazing photos! So many beautiful birds!
Sheri Menscher(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing the wonderful story of your life as a tree! What a special experience to have the titmouse so close! It is always such a pleasure and inspiration to read about the visitors to Shady Oaks and to see the lovely photos. Thanks again.
Laura Gorman(non-registered)
I wish I could have made it to your lecture, but now live in Oaxaca Mexico, too far to commute! (I forwarded the announcement to lots of friends, though). I enjoy your blog, photos and captions, so much. They remind me of my own lovely yard in St. Louis, and my backyard birds. You are doing such a beautiful job! Thanks so much!
Laura Payne(non-registered)
I enjoy these photos and posts so much. Alas, I am concerned about the little hummingbird and hope he is safe somewhere. What a trooper he was!
Larry Wood(non-registered)
outstanding photos of your winter RTHU
wondering which digital camera you use?
Also interested in the cluster of feeders and any water features (summer/winter)
Jane N(non-registered)
I'm enjoying your pictures. Congratulations on your young Ruby-throated. We are currently hosting a Rufous hummingbird for the second year here in SE Missouri. Lanny banded him last year and came to check the band this year. It was exciting and amazing to find out that it was the same bird.
Best of luck to you with the RT and with your habitat changes.
Your pictures are awesome! Look forward to seeing Shady Oaks!
Hummer Haven UnLtd.
Thank you, Anne! We keep working on what needs to be done. Now we're down to some wintercreeper left and Dan has removed so much. We'll get to Platinum yet!

We'll see you soon!
Great pictures!
Charlotte Norton(non-registered)
Your yard and your blog are truly amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!
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