Ann L Case(non-registered)
The photos always make me smile. Thank you for all of your information.
Dave & Cyndee(non-registered)
Amazing Margee! Your backyard creation is paying off, in spades. Wonderful fall warbler variations. Just love the subjects & your masterful photography.
All the best, Dave & Cyndee Batzler, Carlsbad, CA
Kathy Magee(non-registered)
I love your photography and bird blog. I too love watching the visitors to my feeder and deck.
Thank you for sharing!
Victoria and Andy Lechner(non-registered)
We loved your site and blog. We have a wooded backyard in Country Lane Woods in Manchester. We have an incredible number of birds calling, hidden by the trees and wish we could recognize their calls. Having met each other in an ornithology class many many years ago, we felt we should be better at this!!!
Linda Kamp Waugh(non-registered)
Thank you for a beautiful blog. I enjoyed every word. I did have a Luna Moth in my garden yesterday. It landed on my kitchen window and stayed there and flew away. Such a joy to behold.
Jess Miller(non-registered)
Love the photos! Very inspiring
Jim Schroeder(non-registered)
So lovely to see your contribution to our ecosystem, and the fantastic photos!
Janie Bedwell(non-registered)
Hi Margy! This is lovely. It's the first I knew of your blog. I'm so happy to see your photos!
Ann Ruger(non-registered)
Watching your latest blog, with all its lovely new migrants, is a better way to start the day than any guided meditation. Thank you!
Tim Gardner(non-registered)
We again love the most recent blog. Our 40x40 postage stamp of a back yard does not yet have all we would want, but our 3' tall Red Buckeye is also flowering. No hummers yet, at the buckeye, bluebells, or feeders. Soon?
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