Jan Conant(non-registered)
Another year of wonderful, educational, photos of backyard birds from you Margy! Your blog is always beautiful, and inspires me to do better for my own birds. You are a treasure and I'm sure the birds in their way think so too! Merry Christmas! And thank you for this gift.
Lori Stringer(non-registered)
Thank you for the may 8 post. The warblers were inspiring. Someday I hope my bubbler will be graced with these visitors. Each season it seems one or two new species pop in. I don’t always see them but I can hear calls that I’ve not heard before. Trying to be patient and continually working to improve the habitat. Are the warblers in first frame getting caterpillars from arrow wood V dentatum?
Jan Conant(non-registered)
It is always an inspiration to see your blog! Your photos are amazing! There is so much to see and learn. All in one suburban backyard. I especially love the series showing the E. Bluebirds busily making their nest, even when they are in the air.
We held another Environmental School this March on Air and related topics. On Zoom for 4 afternoons. We have been lucky to get exceptional speakers, of which you have been one! Next class will be a similar schedule for Water.
Keep up the wonderful work! You have created the 'Gold Standard" for backyard national park: the level to which we all should work toward. Jan Conant, Chair, MO Environmental Schools.
Nancy Clogston(non-registered)
I just love it when your blog post comes to my email. I wait before opening it until I have enough time to sit and relish each picture, video and description. Thank you so much for creating your haven and for sharing your work and rewards through this blog. It transports me for a while from my everyday worries. It inspires me to tweak my own garden habitat sometimes little by little and sometimes in great bounds.
Linda Kamp Waugh(non-registered)
I love your photos and the videos of the deer are so precious! Thank you.
Michael Stein(non-registered)
I watched your presentation tonight on the MBS program with Dana Ripper. You are so awesome!!! I cant tell you how much I enjoyed it. I learned so much. Thank you and Bravo on an amazing presentation. You should take that presentation on the road to the schools! More people need to be exposed to these idea’s. I have tried to make my back yard an aviary for the last 20 years and have had many success and very proud of the habitat I have created. I have done this with little help. Is there a way to get more help? After your presentation I can see I have lots to learn. I would love to have someone come to my house and give me a rough plan or idea’s on what to pursue. After hearing your talk tonight I realize I need more information. What would you recommend as a next step. Also, do you ever give tours of your back yard? I would love to spend time in your garden. Again, thanks for all your passion, knowledge and excellent explanations of this important topic. I feel so strongly that us all can help with climate change, promote biodiversity and develop sustainable lifestyle with our planet. No matter where you live! Let me know if you ever give tours. I would love to see your work first hand. I am a member of St Louis Audubon and Webster Groves Nature Societ.
Ann L Case(non-registered)
The photos always make me smile. Thank you for all of your information.
Dave & Cyndee(non-registered)
Amazing Margee! Your backyard creation is paying off, in spades. Wonderful fall warbler variations. Just love the subjects & your masterful photography.
All the best, Dave & Cyndee Batzler, Carlsbad, CA
Kathy Magee(non-registered)
I love your photography and bird blog. I too love watching the visitors to my feeder and deck.
Thank you for sharing!
Victoria and Andy Lechner(non-registered)
We loved your site and blog. We have a wooded backyard in Country Lane Woods in Manchester. We have an incredible number of birds calling, hidden by the trees and wish we could recognize their calls. Having met each other in an ornithology class many many years ago, we felt we should be better at this!!!
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