Mid-February 2-14-23

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February is a month of contrasts, in temperature and in color.


1-29-23 Northern Cardinal1-29-23 Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinals are getting brighter and singing more each day. It's time to get ready for Spring!


1-30-23 Song Sparrow1-30-23 Song Sparrow

A winter storm brought us a mix of ice and snow. The Song Sparrow comes in on days like that, otherwise it's singing now in yards to the west.


1-30-23 Rusty Blackbird1-30-23 Rusty Blackbird 1-30-23 FOY #36 Brown-headed Cowbird female1-30-23 FOY #36 Brown-headed Cowbird female 1-30-23 Red-winged Blackbird foraging1-30-23 Red-winged Blackbird foraging

Three different blackbirds foraged in the leaves and under the feeders. The second photo shows a new bird for the year. Can you name all three? 


And the answer:  Rusty Blackbird, Brown headed Cowbird (female) and Red-winged Blackbird.


2-1-23 American Goldfinch2-1-23 American Goldfinch

The icy-dicey weather makes the birds a bit testy. The American Goldfinches would come in and literally hang on the icicles to access the feeder. Newcomers were not always welcome!


2-1-23 Red-bellied Woodpecker female2-1-23 Red-bellied Woodpecker female

Cold dry air makes the birds thirsty. The female Red-bellied Woodpecker came for a good, long drink at the bubbler. 


2-3-23 American Crows2-3-23 American Crows 2-3-23 American Crow2-3-23 American Crow

American Crows visited the bubbler for the first time this year on Friday, 2-3-23. They are a bit wary and don't come down often. 


2-7-23 Brown Creeper2-7-23 Brown Creeper

A Brown Creeper has been here all winter. It always makes my day to see it.


2-8-23 Hairy Woodpecker2-8-23 Hairy Woodpecker

The Hairy Woodpecker thoroughly enjoyed a bath on Wednesday 2-8-23, as it was gently raining in the afternoon.


2-8-23 Northern Flicker #22-8-23 Northern Flicker #2

Northern Flickers do go after suet cakes, it's a fat that helps them make it through cold nights. 


1-31-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare  Day 81-31-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare Day 8

2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare 2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare 2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare2-7-23 First Winter Chipping Sparrow - rare

Our little rarity, the Chipping Sparrow was seen 8 days straight in January, then not again until 2-6-23. It's still around, sometimes under the feeders but it has been harder to find in the leaves where it has been foraging for insects.


2-8-23 European Starling2-8-23 European Starling

Definitely not a native bird, the European Starling is smart and tenacious, as well as colorful. It is an opportunist, taking over feeders every chance it gets.


2-1-23 Eastern Bluebird2-1-23 Eastern Bluebird 2-4-23 Eastern Bluebird female2-4-23 Eastern Bluebird female

Our state bird, the Eastern Bluebird has become a mainstay here in our yard again this winter. The nest box will go up very soon, and we just may need a second one! 


2-9-23 Eastern Bluebirds

On Thursday, 2-9-23 it was windy, with southwest winds gusting up to 40 mph or more. Those conditions make all the birds jumpy and skittish. The bluebirds do come in as a flock and I caught them at this hanging feeder. I still don't know how many there were for sure! Some may be new arrivals, having come in on the winds as short distance migrants. As you can see, not all were able to figure out how to get to the mealworms!



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