Summer Days now 6-24-22

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Quiz answers first! 

Thank you all for being patient, hope you had fun and did well!


5-2-22 Orange-crowned Warbler5-2-22 Orange-crowned Warbler

1. Orange-crowned Warbler


5-4-22 Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers5-4-22 Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers

2. Blue-winged Warbler, in front

3. Golden-winged Warbler, in back


5-3-22 FOY Magnolia Warbler, "tail dipped in ink"5-3-22 FOY Magnolia Warbler, "tail dipped in ink"

4. Magnolia Warbler with "tail dipped in ink" which is diagnostic for this species


5-9-22 Blackburnian Warbler female5-9-22 Blackburnian Warbler female

5. Blackburnian Warbler, female


5-11-22 Bay-breasted Warbler female5-11-22 Bay-breasted Warbler female

6. Bay-breasted Warbler, female



Now for the latest summer update...


6-10-22 Hairy Woodpeckers6-10-22 Hairy Woodpeckers 6-12-22 Downy Woodpeckers6-12-22 Downy Woodpeckers


Nesters have been busy finding food for their fledglings. A Hairy Woodpecker teaches its young about suet and a Downy Woodpecker feeds hidden insect morsels to its offspring.


5-17-22 Eastern Beebalm (Monarda bradburiana)5-17-22 Eastern Beebalm (Monarda bradburiana)

5-17-22 Bumble Bee on Eastern Beebalm (Monarda bradburiana)5-17-22 Bumble Bee on Eastern Beebalm (Monarda bradburiana)
6-16-22 American Goldfinch female on Eastern Beebalm6-16-22 American Goldfinch female on Eastern Beebalm 6-16-22 American Goldfinch on Eastern Beebalm6-16-22 American Goldfinch on Eastern Beebalm


American Goldfinches have been eating the seeds of Eastern Beebalm (Monarda bradburiana). It was in full bloom on 5-17-22. By not cutting back the spent blooms, the seeds feed the birds and help to enlarge the patch. This plant has done better here on a dry slope than anywhere else I've tried it. It attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators and also is a host plant to 9 different moth and butterfly species.


6-22-22 House Wren juvenile6-22-22 House Wren juvenile
6-16-22 Song Sparrow6-16-22 Song Sparrow 6-18-22 Gray Catbird6-18-22 Gray Catbird


From the young House Wren and Song Sparrow to larger birds like the Gray Catbird, traffic has been constant at our water features.

  6-20-22 Northern Parula6-20-22 Northern Parula 6-20-22 Northern Parula6-20-22 Northern Parula 6-21-22 Northern Parula female6-21-22 Northern Parula female


Northern Parula warblers have been at the pond and bubbler on several days now. I've heard the male singing the last couple weeks and I think they nest in the neighborhood, possibly high in a neighbor's sycamore. The last few years, they've been coming in for food and water in June.


6-22-22 Brown Thrasher6-22-22 Brown Thrasher 6-22-22 Brown Thrasher6-22-22 Brown Thrasher


Brown Thrashers have been seen almost daily, foraging and looking for a drink or bath. 


6-22-22 Blue Jay6-22-22 Blue Jay 6-22-22 Blue Jay6-22-22 Blue Jay

6-20-22 American Robin6-20-22 American Robin 6-20-22 American Robins6-20-22 American Robins


Blue Jays and American Robins love to cool off, even if it means a confrontation to get their way.


6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher preening6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher preening 6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher sunning6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher sunning
6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher singing6-19-22 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher singing 6-21-22 Bubbler Bird #80 for 2022 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher6-21-22 Bubbler Bird #80 for 2022 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher


Blue-gray Gnatcatchers have been heard and seen a lot lately. One day, I noticed the female preening and the male apparently taking a dust bath in the garden. It's a behavior we've seen in species like hummingbirds, titmice and flycatchers. The male then flew into another small tree and began singing. The following day, I just caught the female as it bathed in the bubbler. 


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Stay cool...





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