Merry Christmas! 12-25-19

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12-25-19 Christmas Sunrise12-25-19 Christmas Sunrise


What a beautiful sunrise on this peaceful, Christmas morning!


It's time to share our sightings of birds and critters since the last post. American Robins have been showing up on warmer days to use the Bubbler. On the 10th, birds of different sizes came in looking for food, including a female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Dark-eyed Junco.


American Robins 12-6-19American Robins 12-6-19 12-10-19 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, female12-10-19 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, female 12-10-19 Dark-eyed Junco12-10-19 Dark-eyed Junco


American Goldfinches were busy at the seed feeders and American Crows were checking the trees for bark butter.


12-10-19 American Goldfinches12-10-19 American Goldfinches 12-10-19 American Crow12-10-19 American Crow


We were very excited to find this clip on our Bubbler Cam the evening of Friday, December 13th. A beautiful, healthy fox was here!


12-13-19 Fox getting a drink


We took an opportunity to become snowbirds and flew south to enjoy being with dear friends, have some beach walks and look for an alternate set of 'backyard birds'! We missed the snowstorm at home, but not the Snowy Egrets, Brown Pelicans and Sanderlings on the beach. 


12-14-19 Sanddollar Beach12-14-19 Sanddollar Beach 12-16-19 Snowy Egret12-16-19 Snowy Egret 12-18-19 Brown Pelicans12-18-19 Brown Pelicans 12-20-19 Sanderlings on sand bar12-20-19 Sanderlings on sand bar


We returned home and checked the trail cam that Dan had set up. Here are two clips from the snowstorm event.


12-16-19 Big snow! 12-21-19 Deer


We were also back in time for Christmas Eve birds, like these Blue Jays and Carolina Chickadees getting spruced up for their celebrations! 

12-24-19 Blue Jay12-24-19 Blue Jay 12-24-19 Blue Jays12-24-19 Blue Jays 12-24-19 Blue Jay12-24-19 Blue Jay 12-24-19 Carolina Chickadees12-24-19 Carolina Chickadees
12-24-19 Carolina Chickadee12-24-19 Carolina Chickadee


I spent a bit of time outside with the avian visitors today. A Hairy Woodpecker was working on a log for larvae and a Red-bellied Woodpecker was grabbing seeds from the feeder. One can actually see its namesake red belly!


12-25-19 Hairy Woodpecker12-25-19 Hairy Woodpecker 12-25-19 Red-bellied Woodpecker12-25-19 Red-bellied Woodpecker


A White-breasted Nuthatch was caching seeds in an unusual spot - the pond cypress 'knees', and a robin took its turn to splash away in the basin.

12-25-19 White-breasted Nuthatch caching seed on pond cypress knees12-25-19 White-breasted Nuthatch caching seed on pond cypress knees 12-25-19 American Robin12-25-19 American Robin


Last but not least, this Eastern Bluebird was spotted in the neighbor's yard on an oak branch. Gosh, it's a beautiful day with birds singing like it's springtime. Lovely, yes, but too warm for December at 70.6 degrees! 

12-25-19 Eastern Bluebird12-25-19 Eastern Bluebird


Next posting will include the end of the year report for our best year yet! We hope you were good and Santa was good to all of you...





Hummer Haven UnLtd.
You are most kind, dear Ann! Thank you! Isn't it amazing what comes into our yards when we make them irresistible to birds and wildlife? And every effort is SO worthwhile. What goes around, comes around and we all benefit. It's such a joy for me to share our experiences and to learn what others are seeing, too.
Ann Lakin(non-registered)
Margy, thank you for delighting us in 2019 with your chronological blog of beautiful pictures with your prose-like narration for our enjoyment. Your patinence to get that perfect shot is not unnoticed. I am always in awe at every posting and how you make it look so easy. The photos are breath-taking, all the while the viewer/reader is being educated by your fast knowledge of the subjects and telling us... 'what's going on in the shot.' A true professional using scientific names with the common names so we learn along the way. Thank you and Dan for sharing your art and love of birding with everyone else. I LOVE IT! Merry Christmas!
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