1-12-16 Update on the Winter Ruby-throat

January 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

At 9:46 am yesterday, I got the word, "Charlie lives!"  The little puffball had made it through two nights with temperatures below ten degrees. I arranged with the hosts to come by in the early afternoon.  Within a few minutes, the ruby-throat came in to feed, vigorously.

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It went to the fence and perched several minutes, resting, soaking up some warmth and peeing a few times before returning to the feeder.

1/11/161/11/16 1/11/161/11/16 1/11/161/11/16


Lanny Chambers looked at the photos and said, "The bird looks like a healthy hummer, fluffed up against the chill." The hosts are getting up very early and changing out the feeder every day.  It's a commitment, it's how they're spending their winter vacation - helping a mixed up little hummingbird. Congratulations to them from Lanny and all of us for their persistence in helping this tiny bird get through the cold! It showed up again today as well. Maybe it's tougher than we could have imagined. 

To see all the photos, look in this gallery:  http://hummerhavenunltd.com/p598713101



Alan @ It's not work, it's gardening!(non-registered)
This is just amazing. I'd love to know where it's spending its nights. Is the sugar content high enough to keep the feeder from freezing?
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