3-20-18 Happy Spring! Let's Review - Simple Ways to Add Moving Water for Birds

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On this first day of spring, let us recognize and celebrate birds!  


To begin, are you still thinking about where you might install a bubbler yet want to get some water ready sooner for the birds?  Here is an older post that I did on more ideas for moving water.  These features are easy to incorporate into your garden areas - and you don't have to limit yourself to just one!  We have two drippers on birdbaths and two fountains in addition to the Bubbler and Pond.  They are all visited every day during the warmer seasons!


Take a look here:  Simple Ways to Add Moving Water for Birds


Woodard Dripper Bath 7-15-17Woodard Dripper Bath 7-15-17


In a short time, plants will be emerging and it will soon be warm enough to fill those bird baths.  This one is an antique that we level up in place on an oak stump, fill with pea gravel so the birds can see how shallow it is and start the dripper.  The birds do love having easy access to fresh water! 


This is the "Year of the Bird" according to the Audubon Society and National Geographic Society.

Did you know?

“If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the big environmental problems in the world.”

—Thomas E. Lovejoy, Tropical Conservation Biologist and National Geographic Fellow


 Here's a link to explain and help us understand :  

 2018 Year of the Bird






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